Taiwanese Office Workers Exercise the Least in Asia

Taiwanese Office Workers Exercise the Least in Asia
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Translated and compiled by Shin-wei Chang

On April 11, Herbalife released a report on the lifestyle habits of full-time office workers in Asia-Pacific markets. It showed that 73% of Taiwanese office workers exercise less than once per week, the least among workers from other Asian countries.

Herbalife, a global nutrition company, conducted the research in March, gathering responses from 5,500 full-time workers about their lifestyle habits and attitudes in 11 Asia-Pacific markets. On average, 83% of workers exercise less than three times a week, and approximately 60% of them have physical activities less than 30 minutes at work.

In Taiwan, 73% of workers exercise less than once per week, compared to 66% in Hong Kong.

In addition, only 43% of Taiwan office workers are willing to develop a healthy, active lifestyle, the second lowest number among the 11 countries.

More than six hours spent at work desk

Across Asia, 85% of office workers spend at least six hours at their desk, and half of them eat lunch at their work desk two to five times a week.

In Taiwan, 83% of the workforce spends more than six hours at their work desk, and 45% of them eat at their work desk four to five times a week.

Experts point out that this is probably a result of high stress at work, so people think they have no time to exercise. A lack of motivation and companion to exercise are also possible reasons. They suggest office workers should have a regular and healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Edited by Edward White

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