Taiwan Startup Products Nominated for Global Innovative Awards

Taiwan Startup Products Nominated for Global Innovative Awards
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Translated and compiled by Yuan-ling Liang

Two Taiwan designed products have been accepted in the 2016 Edison Awards, an iconic award for promoting innovative products and business leaders worldwide. The products nominated are a recording system that might improve criminal investigation procedures and an alternative energy technology.

The finalists have been listed and winners will be announced on April 21(GMT-5).

A recording system benefits forensic procedures

X-Loupe® AgileLite System, nominated in the category of “Forensics & Security” is a product of Lumos Technology Co., Ltd.

The AgileLite System series was developed with the help of the NAR Lab’s Instrument Technology Research Center. With the use of ultraviolet (UV) technology, this powerful illumination system is expected to be useful in criminal identification and biotechnology research without damaging the items while testing them. Henry Chang-Yu Lee, a prominent forensic scientist, has been helping the team develop the digital forensic system.

National institute led company pioneering alternative energy

ButyFix™, the Taiwanese nominee in the “Alternative Energy” category, is a product launched by the Green Cellulosity Corporation, a company set up and led by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

CNA reports, ButyFix™ also won the R&D 100 Awards in 2013. With efforts to reduce carbon footprint, the Green Cellulosity Co. has been improving the technology of biofuels and replacing fossil fuels with it.

The products’ introduction film points out that the first generation of biofuels use agricultural products, such as corn, which impacts the world’s food supply and has a limited effect in reducing carbon emission. However, the innovative “Carbon Neutral Cellulosic Butanol Production Technology” comes with zero carbon footprint and makes use of agriculture and forestry waste materials.

Green Cellulosity Corporation currently dominates the global butanol fuel market.

Tong Chiang-hsiung, director of the Green Cellulosity Corporation, was also vice president and general director of ITRI. Tong says he is optimistic about the potential of butanol fuel in the market of international chemistry materials and anticipates Green Cellulosity Co. to become the ‘TSMC in Taiwan’s energy industry.’

Taipei Times reports, UNEO Tech, a company that won the gold medal in the 2015 Edison Awards with its flexible sensor, is another startup led by ITRI. Its product, which senses hair-thin pressure, has been widely implemented for its advanced detecting ability.

Edited by Olivia Yang

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