Pro-unification Group Behind Hualien Independence Campaign

Pro-unification Group Behind Hualien Independence Campaign
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Translated and compiled by Shin-wei Chang

A group that supports Taiwan’s unification with China appears to be behind a social media page advocating for Hualien’s independence.

On April 1, a Facebook page calling for the independence of Taiwan’s Hualien County was set up. A map drawn by the French in 1735 was posted on April 9 with the description, “Hualien has not been part of Taiwan since ancient times." More than 1,900 people reacted to the post, and the page has been liked by nearly 9,000 people.

The issue has since been discussed by Chinese netizens and was mentioned in two articles on Guancha Syndicate, a Chinese website featuring trending news and topics.

One Guancha Syndicate article makes fun of how Taiwanese netizens “break down" after seeing the Facebook page of Hualien’s independence. The article ends with a quote from a netizen on Weibo, saying, “Someday, the people will understand how invaluable the stability of a nation is. With a small population and broken territory, the nation is doomed to be controlled by others."

The second article on Guancha Syndicate then detailed how Chinese and Taiwanese netizens reacted to the incident. According to some, the Hualien independence page is actually meant to make fun of Taiwan’s independence. Over 2,700 people responded online to the article after reading it.

UDN News reports, the article was reposted by other famous Chinese sites, including Phoenix New Media and Sohu.

Fanpage was created by supporters of cross-strait unification?

On April 12, a netizen, with the online name “ienari," posted on, the largest bulletin board system in Taiwan. The post pointed out that the “Hualien Independence" page was created by members of the Chinese Cultural Renaissance Committee, whose goal is to fight against anyone who intends to separate Greater China. The netizen even found that one committee member also posted an article on, revealing the purpose behind creating the page.

The page creator wrote, “after all of the pages calling for independence of each county and city are all created, they will announce support for reunification to the PRC, and this will completely destroy the conspiracy of disgusting activists for the Taiwan’s independence."

On the bulletin board,"ienari" calls other netizens to attack the pro-PRCs back by creating Facebook pages supporting the independence of most of the provinces in China.The post has received over one hundred “recommendations" from other netizens.

In response, An Fengshan, spokesman of the China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), said the PRC’s position of strong opposition to any form of independence movement, and how the netizens reacted indicates “how unrealistic and imaginary Taiwan’s independence is."

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