Google Backing Renewable Energy Certificates in Asia with Taiwan as First Branch

Google Backing Renewable Energy Certificates in Asia with Taiwan as First Branch
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Translated and compiled by Shin-wei Chang

On April 8, Google announced it would be funding the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a non-profit organization aiming to advance sustainable energy. With the funding, CRS is likely to become the first certification authority for renewable energy in Asia.

Aiming to promote the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) in Asia, CRS is also about to establish its first Asia branch in Taiwan. It also hopes to develop a voluntary renewable energy market and inclusive coalition between governments, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Long devoted to nature conservation and sustainable economic development, Google has become the largest certification authority for non-utility organizations in the world. In addition, it hopes to make use of renewable energy to generate electricity for data centers in Taiwan and Singapore to provide multiple services, including Gmail, YouTube and so on, while maintaining the nature environment at the same time.

However, Google was facing the lack of a certification authority, program and system in Asia. As a result, it chose to fund CRS while providing reliable renewable energy for corporations and individuals in the future.

Gary Demasi, Google Director of Operations, Data Center Energy and Location Strategy, says he was pleased to cooperate with CRS. Damasi says it creates chances for Taiwanese or even Asian users to purchase renewable energy in the future, which is especially beneficial to corporations, which pay attention to the renewable energy industry like Google.

In response to Google’s plan to fund CRS and promote REC, Tsai Szu-ting, renewable energy project manager at Greenpeace Taiwan, says that Google has been actively making use of renewable energy and they expect the Taiwanese government to fund certification authorities with pioneering attitudes to allow corporations to embrace renewable energy in the future.

Edited by Olivia Yang

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