Hong Kong protest leader launches new party

Hong Kong protest leader launches new party
Photo Credit: AP/達志影像

Key members of the 2014 Hong Kong Occupy Movement, led by Joshua Wong, are launching a new political party, Demosisto.

The move comes amid continued debate about Hong Kong independence and follows the controversial disappearance of several bookstore owners.

Demosisto will advocate preserving Hong Kong’s democracy. Rather than immediately seek full independence, it will look to the possibility of a referendum on the future of China’s ‘One Country, Two Systems’ government structure.

One country, two systems had lost its way in the past 19 years, especially after Leung took office,” Wong was quoted as saying. “If we do not fight for self-determination, the Chinese Communist Party will determine our future."

Wong’s former protest group, Scholarism, has disbanded as he and the group’s other leaders focus on the growth of Demosisto.

It appears that the protest movement is now aiming to bring about change from within the existing political system.

Demosisto is expected to have candidates stand in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council elections later this year.

HSBC denies bank account

Meanwhile, Wong told media that Demosisto’s application to establish a savings account at HSBC was rejected.

Wong said the bank’s refusal may be due to his political activities. HSBC denied this, stating that it “does not refuse to open an account because of customers’ political views.”

Nevertheless, Wong said the denial of the application was a form of “political censorship” due to the party’s position on Hong Kong’s self-determination.

The Hong Kong National Party also reportedly expressed its difficulties in establishing an account for its finances.

Edited by Edward White