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HSBC Bank’s 2015 Expat Explorer Survey shows that Singapore ranks first as the world’s best destination for expats and is followed by New Zealand and Sweden. Taiwan ranks eighth while Hong Kong ranks eleventh.

CNA reports, one of the reasons Singapore ranked first in the survey is that they have lower tax rates compared to the US. Many expats in Singapore agree that the country has offered better living conditions and quality of life than their home countries. For Chinese communities, Singapore also offers the potential advantages of having a similar culture.

The survey also collected data from different aspects, including economics, living conditions, family and social life. Result shows that Taiwan ranked 18th in economics, fifth in living conditions, and 15th in family and social life.

UDN reports, the US ranked 16 in the 2015 survey after dropping to 30th in 2014. China was listed as third last year, but dropped to 27th this year.

The report shows that the US ranked 13th in economics and 19th in family and social life. 71% of respondents believe that they can be well integrated into the American society and 66% of children can enroll in local public schools. However, the survey shows a strong dissatisfaction in the US’s healthcare with a satisfaction rate of only 28%. But 52% of the expats believe that their children have become healthier after arriving in the States.

The highest satisfaction is in advanced career development and entrepreneurial venture, which were respectively ranked third and fourth in the world. Half of the respondents think the US is a good place for startups and 55% are confident with America’s economy.

HSBC has conducted this survey for eight consecutive years. It compares the conditions of different places according to the expats’ living environments, health conditions and so on.

Photo Credit:2015移民探索調查

Photo Credit:2015 Expat Explorer Survey

Translated by Vic Chiang
Edited by Olivia Yang