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On October 17, the KMT held an extempore party congress at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. According to Apple Daily, 891 party members participated and 812 were in favor of replacing the former KMT presidential candidate Hung Shiu-chu.

After the annulment of Hung’s candidacy was effective, the nomination audit committee immediately held a meeting and recommended KMT Chairman Chu Li-luan (also known as Eric Chu) as a replacement for Hung. The committee also gave Chu the right to nominate the candidate for vice president.

All of the party members present passed the decision with a standing ovation and made official the replacement of Hung with Chu in the presidential election next year.

Hung said in the meeting that her love for the KMT and expectations for ROC would not change. As Hung mentioned before, she will respect the decision of the extempore party congress and the KMT can abandon her, but she will not do the same. Hung also emphasizes she is worried about procedural justice.

UDN reports, regarding the replacement of Hung, Chu said in the meeting it was his lack of communication and effort that led to the event and he apologized as party chairman. He said that there are only three months left until the presidential election and the party needs to adjust its pace and move forward.

Translated by Olivia Yang