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KMT presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu took a leave of absence from the Legislative Yuan this afternoon and held a press conference at 4 pm to personally responded to the recent controversy of KMT’s replacing her presidential nomination. This is the first time Hung appeared in front of the public since the KMT said it would replace her yesterday.

Hung points out in the press conference that the rumor of KMT replacing her started from anecdotal rumors and now has become an official issue, raising concerns from fellow members of the party and also allowing her rivals to take advantage. Hung says she will reflect on herself but also stresses that she will stick to the original ambition and commitment she held when she decided to run in the election. She will neither accept any give-and-take bargaining nor bow to any unreasonable power.

Hung points out, after the KMT failed in the 2014 election, the party has fallen into depression, making Hung decide to step out. Winning the first-round election within the party, Hung has obtained support from the KMT. Her candidacy is already been unquestionable and cannot be taken back by the party, “Otherwise we will not only lose the general election next year, but also eventually let people lose faith, trust and respect for us. The result will be the fundamental collapse of the party."

Hung also appealed to the party saying as a loyal KMT member, she will abide by the party’s system and resolution, but the premise is that this resolution must be democratic and transparent because Taiwanese people hate under-table operation. If the KMT withdraws her nomination, it will hurt the party reversely.

“Taiwan cannot do without the KMT." Hung says. The ROC is a democratic republic nation founded by the KMT. It stands for the most powerful guarantee for the 24 million people, and in order to be eligible to the people’s support, the party needs to be a positive and honorable one.

Hung stresses that despite slander from the opposite party and being persuaded to resign from the presidential candidate by her own comrades, she is not going to budge a single step. “I, Hung Hsiu-chu, would rather die on the battlefield than fall short of people’s expectations for democracy."

At the end of the press conference, Hung took out the flyers designed by the KMT headquarters and showed what the KMT Chairman Chu Li-luan (also known as Eric Chu) said, “Only if we unite to support Hung can we achieve success," to prove the rumor will end.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang