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Chewing the fat sounds a bit gross, but the meaning of the phrase has nothing to do with the fat at all. This phrase means that you have a light chat with someone, whether it’s about recent activities or just to enjoy a conversation.

There are many origins to the phrase, one of them probably comes from an old tradition of the Inuit people who would remove the fat from animal hides by chewing it off. The fat would be very tough, so the process took a long time; therefore, light conversations naturally ensued. Another origin may be from sailors who usually had salted beef or pork where the fat would be hardened. Many sailors often “chew the fat" while complaining about sailing life.

Now go find a friend and chew the fat!

Watch the video below and find out more about the phrase!

“Chew the fat"

Chewing fat means to chat or have a light conversation with someone. Maybe it’s to catch up with the activities of someone or just to enjoy conversation.

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