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Since the Gogoro hit the market, there have been constant voices saying the prices are too high. On October 1, CEO Horace Luke announced the release of Gogoro Lite, priced at NT$ 62,000 (approximately US$ 1,890). After deduction of government grants, Gogoro and Gogoro Plus which were originally priced at NT$ 128,000 and NT$ 138,000 (approximately US$ 3,900 and US$ 4,200) will be cut to NT$ 72,000 and NT$ 82,000 (approximately US$ 2,100 and US$ 2,500), which is a price cut of more than 30%.

CNA reports, Luke says criticism has been ongoing on the Internet since the Gogoro was presented in June. Gogoro Lite means to develop the market rapidly and set a competitive price against motor scooters that run on fuel. The scooters will be priced starting from NT$ 62,000 (approximately US$ 1,890) with government subsidy.

For example, Taoyuan City provides NT$ 26,000 (approximately US$ 790) reimbursement for electric scooters, so Gogoro Lite will be sold for NT$ 62,000 (approximately US$ 1,890); Taipei City provides NT$ 20,000 (approximately US$ 609), so Gogoro Lite will be sold for NT$ 68,000 (approximately US$ 2,073).

ETtoday reports, Gogoro Lite will maintain the same appearance of the original version, so accessories such as panels can still be used. Only the aluminum frame will be changed to paint handling and the personalized colored dashboard will be replaced by a single-color display. Gogoro Lite will still use 6.4kW water-cooled motors and has an additional “urban mode" for beginners or slow-riders to master the scooter more easily.

Business Next reports when the Gogoro first hit the market, the company said they were selling at loss. How will they secure profit and ensure a long-term business with the recent price adjustment? Luke says the most important part of innovation is the support of consumers. The cost will decline as more people buy the product.

Luke also says that there are currently over 80 Gogoro sites and seven service stations in the Taipei and New Taipei area. Vehicles have started being delivered since August and around 1,000 scooters have registered for plates in the past two months. The most popular model is the Gogoro Plus, with 84% of customers choosing to purchase it. Gogoro plans to extend sites to the eastern and southern parts of Taiwan next year as well as advance towards the overseas market.

Translated by Olivia Yang