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Overseas Chinese graduates who wish to stay and work in Taiwan currently have to go through a grading mechanism and score a total of 70 points. However, considering that applicants have been less than expected, the government is planning to loosen up the restrictions.

UDN reports, Workforce Development Agency Director Liu Chug-chun says that the salary section of the scoring criteria is under adjustment and will be announced before the end of the year. By then, the applications of overseas Chinese graduates to stay in Taiwan will no longer depend on how much their salary is. As for how much should the companies pay to hire them will be up to the employment market mechanism.

In response to the adjustment, the total amount of points to stay in Taiwan will be lowered to 60 points. In addition to no salary amount requirements, the original annual quota for overseas Chinese graduates will be relaxed and there will be no limitation on the total amount of overseas Chinese graduates being employed in Taiwan.

Originally, the overseas Chinese graduates who want to stay in Taiwan for specialized jobs have to conform to the same standard for foreign white-collar workers. The standard requires them to have two years of experience and a salary of NT$ 47,971 (approximately US$ 1,500). This was adjusted to a grading mechanism since last July.

The current grading mechanism has eight criteria, including education, salary, work experience, job qualifications, Chinese proficiency and so on. To be qualified to stay in Taiwan, a person needs to score more than 70 points.

According to the current standard of the salary criteria, it’s 40 points for NT$ 47,971 (approximately US$ 1,500) and more, 30 points for NT$ 40,000 (approximately US$ 1,200) and more, 20 points for NT$ 35,000 (approximately US$ 1,100) and more, 10 points for NT$ 31,520 (approximately US$ 950) and more and no points for less than NT$ 31,520.

Documents show that the average salary of overseas Chinese graduates who apply to stay in Taiwan is NT$ 31,457 (approximately US$ 950). Although it’s slightly higher than the average salary of NT$ 30,449 (approximately US$ 920) of fresh Taiwanese college graduates, they get zero points according to the standard.

Translated by Vic
Edited by Olivia Yang

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