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Presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen brought up green policies last week and said the cost of nuclear energy must be paid by the nation, raising questions from the KMT.

Newtalk reports, the KMT should not give up striving to develop green power or even delay the promotion of renewable energy in our country. Tsai says that many advanced countries prioritize the development of green power policies because it not only ensures the quality of life but also generates further development of new industries. Taiwan should hurry to catch up with the development in this field.

She also points out, the costs of the renewable energy industry continue to decline with the technological advancements. The industry is good and also an important source of energy.

UDN reports, speaking of nuclear power, Tsai points out that it still needs many other following procedures to deal with the nuclear waste, which is extremely difficult and could cost a lot to deal with. She says that Taipower has some back end funds, however the number cannot meet the cost.

Tsai says that she hopes the KMT can face the facts and do not ignore the real calculation of the cost of nuclear power just to advocate the energy source. The KMT should note how much risk nuclear disaster might bring to the Taiwanese society because these are all unbearable for Taipower itself.

NOWnews reports, Taipower criticizes Tsai’s aides for providing wrong information and her speech has stifled every possibility of rational discussion regarding energy policies, which has too much impact on national development.

Shi Ke-he, deputy CEO of the Policy Research and Coordinating Committee of the DPP, replies that the external costs and the risk of nuclear disaster are borne by all of the people and this country, not the Taiwan Power Company.

He questions why so many mistakes were made in the Jinshan Nuclear Power Plant and the Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant (also known as the first and second nuclear power plant) in the past two years. Accidents have started to occur in the Maanshan Nuclear Power Plant (also known as the third nuclear power plant). He also asks if the Taiwan Power Company has prepared corresponding measures to respond to the people’s concerns over nuclear power and nuclear waste of the past ten years.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang