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On September 21, People First Party (PFP) posted on its Facebook page that Tsai Ing-wen and Hung Shiu-chu are unable to feel what the people feel. The post was titled, “How can two single women understand what a family needs?" The administrator of PFP Facebook page has already removed the post.

Apple Daily reports, the PFP news channel set up by news department of the PFP joint service center posted sentences like, “How can two single women understand what a family needs?" and “Think clearly. We’re voting for a president, not a political star." on its Facebook page. The post was pasted along with composite images of Tsai and Hung, the presidential candidates respectively from the KMT and the DPP. A large number of Internet users then flooded the Facebook page with criticism and the post was deleted within 30 minutes.

Legislator Tuan Yi-kang questions, “Don’t single women understand what a family needs?" He believes the logic of James Soong and the PFP is bizarre. “Can’t people understand the needs of farmers just because they haven’t farmed or fished before? Can’t people bring up social welfare issues because they are not disabled, poor or helpless? Can’t people talk about food safety because they haven’t consumed gutter oil to the point they were sent to the hospital? Don’t people know the importance of security even though they haven’t been robbed or attacked? "

Liu Wen-hsiung, deputy secretary-general who is responsible for the operation of the PFP joint services center, notes that the assistant of the service center primarily manages the PFP Facebook page. Some supporters will upload many messages, mostly positive video clips or photos, to the PFP Facebook account. This controversial post was selected from one of these homemade pictures and uploaded by the assistant without further thinking. But the post was later found inappropriate and was soon removed.

Liu emphasizes, the PFP needs to solemnly apologize and deeply review the inappropriate remarks. The assistant will be asked to seriously contemplate the content before publishing Facebook posts.

NOWnews reports, Lin Jing-yi, the director of the DPP Sisterhood, points out that attracting votes through discriminating single women is out-of-date. Lin says, all married or single women should not vote for him because based on this logic, old men do not understand what the women need.

Lin says single women are unlucky to live in Taiwan. Bosses will say, “You don’t need to take care of the children," when single women are working overtime. They also have the responsibility to take care of the sick elders in the family because, “You don’t have a family." When the country is facing the crisis of low fertility rate, single women are blamed for the national security crisis.

UDN reports, Hung once said in an interview in August, “In fact, I have two things in common with Chairman Tsai; we are not married and we don’t have kids. Yet this is exactly why we should think of all children as our own."

Hung says, “Therefore, we need to sympathize much more with other people’s children because they are our next generation and the hope of our country’s future. In this regard, we need to appreciate every parent."

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang