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London headquarters of Lloyd’s and the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge University issued an urban risk survey with results that showed Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul were named the three most vulnerable cities when facing global disasters. If adding on the scale of economic loss of accidents or natural disasters, Taipei estimates a loss of US$ 181.2 billion, becoming the most vulnerable city in the world. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je admits that he has talked to the director of the National Disaster Prevention Center and discovered that Taipei is indeed a dangerous city, so Ko spent a lot of effort on disaster prevention after taking office.

CNA reports, the survey is directed against 301 cities worldwide and the estimated economic loss caused by accidents or natural disasters in the next ten years. Taipei ranks number one with an estimation of US$ 181.2 billion, earthquake-prone Tokyo ranks number two with US$ 153.28 billion, Seoul is at number three with US$ 103.5 billion, Manila and New York City rank fourth and fifth with US$ 101.09 billion and US$ 90.36 billion.

Apple Daily reports, the survey points out that 18 disasters, including the financial market crisis, epidemics, storms, earthquakes, nuclear disasters and so on will make Taipei lose over 45 percent of GDP over the next decade. 44 percent of economic losses is caused by storms, 16.38 percent is because of earthquakes, 15.77 percent is due to financial market volatility.

ETtoday reports, an adjunct professor at the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University Department, Lin Xiang-kai, says geology fragile places should not be over-developed. He believes that Taipei ranked first because it is over-populated and the density is too high. Lin points out that jobs are hard to find in Taiwan and salaries aren’t increasing. Most importantly, the economic outlook is still uncertain and the government should reduce this uncertainty with appropriate policies.

Storm Media reports, Ko emphasizes that Taiwan is in a earthquake-prone region and needs to pay special attention to this part.

Translated by Olivia Yang