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Just before the visit of Chinese President Xi Jin-ping to the US, China Railway International Inc. and XpressWest Enterprises LLC announced a joint venture to construct a high-speed railway. This will be China’s first high-speed rail project in the US.

UDN reports, since 2013, China Premier of the State Council Li Ke-qiang has been conducting diplomacy through high-speed railway and promoting China’s high-speed railway to the world. 12 countries have expressed interest in the co-construction of high-speed railways and the route of the China-US collaboration will run from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with a total of 370 km.

On September 17, Shu Guo-zeng, deputy director of the Office of Financial Work Leading Group of the Communist Party, said they have been making substantial progress in the XpressWest Enterprises LLC high-speed railway project, the clean energy projects in Africa and the US-China Building Energy Efficiency Fund. China has invested approximately US$ 12.7 billion in these projects and expects to start construction in September of 2016.

Other than the announcement of the collaboration between China and the US, there are still conflicts regarding Internet security between the two countries. Apple Daily reports, US President Obama recently said that the international community should establish a common framework to prevent the weaponization of the Internet and becoming a mean of aggression. He says US might take strong actions against China’s hacker attacks in the future.

Assistant to the Foreign Minister of China, Zheng Ze-guang, says that China is against Internet attacks, but also insists on defending its own interests and opposes words or actions that harm them. He reiterates that China and the US have common interests in network issues, which should be highlights instead of conflict points.

Translated by Olivia Yang