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The KMT held its regular conference inside the party on September 14. President Ma Ying-jeou, Chairman of the KMT Chu Li-lun, President of the Legislative Yuan Wang Jin-ping and Vice President of the Legislative Yuan Hung Shiu-chu all attended the event. KMT legislators severely criticized the high-level leaders that they only mind their own business and that ten out of 11 people, children included, know that the KMT is not united.

China Times reports, Wang Jin-shi, legislator of Pingtung County, criticizes that the worst part of the seven years of KMT’s administration is the communication between the departments of execution and legislation. The central department always makes closed-door decisions and informs the legislators afterwards, while the legislators are put into dilemmas and eventually have no choice but to say yes.

Wang also says, an atmosphere of regret has been haunting the KMT from the textbook controversy to former KMT Chairman Lien Chan’s participation of the Chinese military parade. He says, “Is regret what’s left in our party now?”

CTS reports, there were nine legislators that spoke up during the session. Legislator Lin Yu-fang suggests that the high-level leaders meet up and says, “You can argue, just don’t throw fists. Close the door and have a heart-to-heart. It’s okay to burst into tears.”

SET reports, Lin says if the KMT loses the 2016 presidential election, there is going to be no way for the party to retrieve the power in 20 or 30 years. People might say how have the talented and chic leaders of the KMT let the party to this stage? Or it will make history if a one-hundred-year-old political party loses the election miserably.

UDN reports, Wang points out, the KMT won 7.6 million votes and two-third of the seats in the congress in the 2008 presidential election, but is facing the plight of handing over power.

Legislator Kong suggests, Ma should state clearly in the press conference at the presidential office about the future of the country and cross-strait relationship during the rest of his term in office.

What do the four high-level leaders of the KMT have to say about this?

President of the Legislative Yuan Wang Jin-pyng says he has discussed the topic with Chu Li-luan and things aren’t that gloomy and administrative departments should support and help the legislative elections.

UDN reports, Ma says that many legislators mention reflection of KMT high-level leaders and he supports the idea. “I will do my best in parts that need me and do as much as I can while I’m in office.”

Chu says he doesn’t like the description high-level because everyone is high-level. A party can only be supported by the society if it comes together.

NOWnews reports, KMT presidential candidate Hung Shiu-chu says that everyone is being polite and the KMT refrains from using harsh words to criticize others. She says this is the way the KMT has always operated.

Translated by June and Olivia Yang
Edited by Olivia Yang