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On September 8, the well-known Internet television-streaming brand, Netflix, announced its expansion to markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore in early 2016. This is an important step Netflix is making in Asian markets after starting its service in Japan. Netflix’s target of worldwide extension is expected to be completed before the end of 2016 to provide online video content for television, tablets, mobile phones, computers, game consoles and set-top box users around the world.

UDN reports, Netflix is a famous American network television brand that provides Internet streaming service in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other countries, as well as online DVD and Blu-ray Disc rental. Netflix has more than 65 million members and covers more than 50 countries. Over 100 million hours of television programs and movies are being watched every day. Members can watch from digital devices with no restriction of time and place, no advertisement included, and they don’t need to be tied to a contract. Its convenience has won the hearts of consumers worldwide.

Apple Daily reports, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says that Taiwan and Hong Kong consumers have a high demand of foreign films and dramas. Interesting stories from around the world have a strong appeal to these globalized societies.

Liberty Times reports, Netflix emphasizes that most of the content will be subtitled in Chinese. After the launch of the online service, users can subscribe to HD, or even 4K Ultra HD programs, which can be watched instantaneously on almost any device with Internet access. If members want to pause in the middle of a program, the system will record the pausing point so it can continue to play later on even with different devices. It is convenient to use whether you are at home or away.

Netflix says that the details of pricing, programs and supporting appliances will be announced later. It will also collect the email addresses of people who are interested in it on its Taiwan official website in order to inform them as soon as it launches.

Photo Credit: Netflix Taiwan

Photo Credit: Netflix Taiwan

TechNews reports, after Netflix announced its financial statement in the middle of July, its stock price skyrocketed by 22 percent and reached up to US$ 121.15 because of the boost in subscribers. 2,400,000 overseas subscribers appeared unexpectedly in the second quarter along with 900,000 new US subscribers, which proves Netflix is not facing problems of a saturated market or competition at the moment.

Netflix has grown by 23 percent at the first half of the year, reaching up to US$ 3.2 billion with the current market value of around US$ 51.41 billion.

Netflix expanded into markets in Australia and New Zealand in March this year, and it officially entered the Japanese market in September. Netflix will continue to head forward to Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore, and its goal is to expand to 200 markets before the end of 2016. Netflix currently has business in more than 50 countries and it continues to pursue its goal of becoming the center of global entertainment.

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Edited by Olivia Yang