On September 1, the Control Yuan announced relevant accounting data of all political parties. The total in the income and expenditure accounts of the Chinese National Party (KMT) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) reaches up to NT$ 100 million (US$ 3.07 million), but there are significant differences in the sources of political contributions of the two parties.

Apple Daily reports, according to the data of 2014 issued by the Control Yuan, political contributions of the DPP amounts to NT$ 253.7 million (approximately US$ 7.79 million) and that of KMT accounts for NT$ 174.78 million (approximately US$ 5.36 million). The People First Party (PFP) received NT$ 4.82 million (approximately US$ 148,000) and the Taiwan Solidarity Union collected NT$ 2.83 million (approximately US$ 86,900).

At the end of 2014, the balance of the KMT’s contribution account remained NT$ 123.44 million (approximately US$ 3.79 million), ten times more than the NT$ 11.94 million (approximately US$ 366,623) of the DPP.

UDN reports, the expenditure of DPP accounts were NT$ 300 million (approximately US$ 9.21 million), including campaign funds of NT$ 130 million (approximately US$ 3.99 million) for candidates and electoral funds of NT$ 110 million (approximately US$ 3.38 million).

The KMT spent NT$ 167 million (approximately US$ 5.12 million) in 2014, including campaign funds of NT$ 20 million (approximately US$ 614,110) for candidates and electoral funds of NT$ 58 million (approximately US$ 1.78 million). The total expenditure the DPP spent on campaigning activities exceeds KMT and the income does not meet the expenditure.

Liberty Times reports, the KMT receives 80 percent of its political contributions from enterprises, which is around NT$ 130 million (approximately US$ 3.99 million). The DPP relies mostly on individual donations, which stand 73 percent, around NT$ 180 million (approximately US$ 5.53 million). Contributions from enterprises of the DPP only count for NT$ 50 million (approximately US$ 1.53 million).

China Times reports, the People First Party (PFP) did not declare their contributions from enterprises of 2014 and they only received NT$ 4.8 million (approximately US$ 147,386) in individual contributions, but spent NT$ 5 million (approximately US$ 153,527) on political campaigns, leaving a balance of NT$ 1.12 million (approximately US$ 34,390).

The balances of other political parties in 2014:

Taiwan Solidarity Union: NT$ 5.51 million (approximately US$ 169,187)
Chinese New Party (CNP): NT$ 290,000 (approximately US$ 8,904)
Green Party: NT$ 190,000 (approximately US$ 5,834)

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang