Former KMT Chairman Lian Zhan met with the CCP General Secretary Xi Jin-ping today and said that the Cairo meeting indeed led to the retrocession of Taiwan from China.

Lian says, “We gave our blood and sweat in exchange for this."

August 30

China Times reports, former KMT Chairman Lian Zhan arrived in Beijing to attend a dinner held by Zhang Zhi-jun, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. Former KMT Vice Secretary General Zhang Rong-gong also went along and said when Zhang Zhi-jun mentioned The 8-Year War of Resistance he said the Chinese KMT led the front of the battlefield while the Communist Party led the back, forming a situation where both parties fought against the Japanese together.

Lian responded to Zhang that commemoration of the war and victory against fascism are two serious topics that are important to both Taiwan and China, so after he participates in the Taiwan events celebrating the anniversary of victory in the war, Lian is happy to take part in related events held in China.

August 31

UDN reports, Lian met with Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Chairman Yu Zheng-sheng and said the National Revolutionary Army attacked the Japanese army fiercely on the front battlefield 22 times back then and fought alongside the Communist-led armed forces against the Japanese. Lian repeated, “This is the truth. This is the truth."

Lian said to Yu said that their visit to Beijing only has one purpose: to participate in the celebration of the anniversary of victory in the war. Everyone is sincerely commemorating the past and encouraging development of the future. The wrongs of invasion can be forgiven and tolerated, but the truth of history and brutality can’t be forgotten.

Yu said that during the war the KMT army secured the front of the battlefield and the back was led by the Communist Party. It was the teaming up of both sides that led to victory and all Chinese people, including the Taiwanese, made huge sacrifices.

September 1

Storm Media reports, Lian met with Xi and said that the Cairo meeting indeed retroceded Taiwan from China. Lian says, “We gave our blood and sweat in exchange for this."

Xi says,"The war of resistance is the result of all people, including the Taiwanese, coming together to fight. People from both sides of the strait should keep history firmly in mind, remember our national heroes, unite and promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations."

After meeting with Xi today, Lian is scheduled to attend the military parade held by Chinese authorities on the morning of September 3.

Translated by Olivia Yang