Starting from September, the Taipei MRT will implement Multi-Card Electronic Ticketing and in order to meet other travel card companies head-on, the EasyCard Corporation has asked Japanese AV idol, Hatano Yui, to be the face of a new series of customized EasyCards.

Taipei Mayor Ke Wen-zhe said in an interview yesterday morning that he only requested a business growth of 100 percent from the Chairman of the EasyCard Corporation, Dai Ji-quan, and doesn’t care how he achieves it.

Apple Daily reports, the EasyCard Corporation has asked the popular AV idol, Hatano Yui, to shoot for two versions of a charity EasyCard, an angel and a devil. This has sparked controversy regarding indecency and going against moral standards.

Regarding this, EasyCard Corporation spokesperson, Lin Xiao-qi, clarifies that the new cards advertise freshness, beauty and charity. It will launch on September 1, and all profits will go to three charities.

Lin says that Yui Hatano’s charity EasyCards are no different from others issued by other celebrities in the past. The right of publicity the company has paid for includes two styles, angel and devil. Upon understanding the rights would be used for charity, Yui Hatano reduced the costs of rights to the lowest, but the exact amount can’t be disclosed.

NOWnews reports, through past reviews of customized cards conducted by the EasyCard Corporation, the cards must not involve obscene, violent or content against public morals. The corporation has not restricted an age for purchasing the card for now, so more disputes may take place when the EasyCard launches in the future.

Yui Hatano issued a statement in Japanese saying, “Perhaps the reason people are against the new policy is my career in Japan is an AV idol. Can’t I participate in charitable events and contribute to the society just because I am an AV idol? Can’t I repay my beloved Taiwan by doing something for it?”


Some people have said on the Internet that the EasyCard Corporation made this decision to provoke controversy. Others feel unfair for Yui Hatano and believe preventing her from being the face of EasyCard is discriminating her identity and career.

There are also people who say the value of the sex industry is to fulfill the sexual desire of humans. Providing impure performance is exactly what AV workers do. If you think the AV industry should not exist, then hiring Yui Hatano to be the face of EasyCard is just to taking advantage of her fame for more media exposure.

Translated by Olivia Yang and June
Edited by Olivia Yang