On August 23, Vice Premier Zhang Shan-zheng pointed out regarding the issue of cyber bullying, the government won’t set up special laws to limit speech on the Internet for now to avoid the public criticizing the government for suppressing freedom of speech.

UDN reports, Zhang participated in the National Conference of Youth Policy Union held on August 23. One of the students from the Department of Business Administration at Shu-Te University Wang Si-ya at the conference brought up the case of the deceased model, Yang You-ying (Cindy Peng), to review cyber bullying. Wang hopes the government can establish a reporting system and reinforce educational propaganda.

Zhang replies there is currently no legislation needed for anti-cyber bullying, yet the society should develop a consensus on the issue and the regulations on Internet speech should also be carried out more rigorously. Those being bullied can resort to judiciary, such as suing for defamatory. If you are still not satisfied with the results, you can speak up through the Internet.

The Vice Premier takes the Apache event for example. He says many people felt upset about the judge’s decision and expressed their dissatisfaction on the Internet, allowing the judiciary to realize what the society expects.

On August 13, the Executive Yuan invited related experts to discuss this issue.

Facebook to launch a bully control system in Taiwan

Apple Daily reports, the policy director in the Asia-Pacific region of Facebook, Mia Garlick, reveals that Facebook will launch a bullying control center in Taiwan.

Garlick explains the anti-cyberbullying policy and points out that over 16 million Facebook users in Taiwan can inform the Facebook management center if they are hurt, offended or bullied on the Internet. Facebook also has teams analyzing what bullying words are and need to be deleted on Facebook to strengthen the self-regulatory system for a 24-hour service.

Associate Professor of Taipei University Huang Ming-hui says, you can delete any website you hate in the open space of the Internet, which is very different from being bullied in the classroom. He believes the Internet should keep being accessible or else it will not be the Internet. It should also be more prudent in enabling specific laws on the prevention of cyber bullying, and even better through education precautions.

NCC: It is unnecessary to set up laws regarding cyber bullying

In April this year, a model Yang You-ying (Cindy Yang) committed suicide due to being cyber bullied and provoked intense discussion. KMT legislators wanted to set up special laws regarding cyber-bullying back then.

NOWnews reports, KMT legislator, Wang Yu-min, held a press conference on April 24 and said the government doesn’t have any precautions or systems to block the increasing of cyber bullying incidents so it becomes difficult to clarify responsibilities. Wang says he will strive to promote the enactment of anti-cyber bullying laws.

Apple Daily reports, Howard S. H. Shyr, the chairman of the National Communication Committee (NCC) says there is no need to set up such laws for now, and the point is to actually carry out current laws. The NCC will ensure freedom of speech and will not stop, examine, regulate or suppress speech on the Internet.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang