Two days earlier, the Hong Kong police enforced the law on Uber, arresting seven drivers and three employees, and triggered the attention from all around the world.

Uber calls on the people of Hong Kong to sign a petition online, and offers to cooperate with the Hong Kong government in a public statement.

It reads, “We expect to cooperate with the Hong Kong government to refine current laws and improve the living conditions for citizens with innovative technology."

Uber requests to meet with the officials of the Transport and Housing Bureau to discuss how to promote this innovative technology together and improve the current transportation model.

Up to this afternoon, related websites have already collected 47,000 signatures.

Photo Credit: Uber網站

Photo Credit: Uber Website

However, another similar program for phoning for a taxi, Kuaidi ONE, did not shrink because of the recent police operation, but continued to promote their service and charge half of what Uber charges. Drivers of Kuaidi ONE even automatically sponsored new customers HKD$ 100 (approximately US$ 12.89).

A reporter of Hong Kong Economic Times took a test ride with Kuaidi ONE. The driver, Mr. Lin, used to be a Uber driver, but due to the pressure from the government, he transferred to Kuaidi ONE. He also says the App belongs to the Alibaba group so that he is not afraid of getting arrested.

According to Apple Daily, an anonymous Uber driver says, he has never heard of anyone who resigned from Uber due to recent actions of the police. He points out many customers of Uber don’t mind paying 10 more Hong Kong dollars (approximately US$ 12.9). The reason passengers need Uber is they have already put up with the taxi drivers’ bad attitude or taxis are just not enough for the citizens.

Authorities have conducted surveys on the possibility of introducing high-quality taxi service. So far the government has not responded to the meeting request. But a spokesperson says that anyone or any institute that uses a private car for rent or carries passengers for compensation must hold a car renting permit.

However, the public is now discussing other possible transportation other than the Hong Kong railway, including taxis. The government is researching whether or not to introduce high-quality taxi services.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Photo Credit: Reuters

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang