On August 8, former Vice President Annette Lu said that PFP Chairman James Soong running in the presidential election would stop DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen from winning easily. Soong’s administration, campaigning and cross-strait experiences will give Tsai three major challenges.

Radio Taiwan International reports that Lu says Soong might split the KMT and political parties will reshuffle after he does so. The Legislative Yuan will regroup and party alternation will occur. She says the Taiwan in 2016 will be completely different. Rather than put their hopes in Soong, people should create a brand new Taiwan.

Apple Daily reports, Lu says she agrees with the saying that Soong running in the presidential election will have a catfish effect. The other two candidates, Tsai and Hong Xiu-zhu, are like lifeless sardines, but putting an aggressive catfish among them will liven them up.

As for the qualities of Tsai’s running mate, Lu says she should choose someone within the DPP because cross-strait issues have reached a fever pitch. It will be a national disaster if Tsai’s running mate doesn’t have governing experience or doesn’t share the same ideals.

Liberty Times reports, Lu advises Tsai to choose her running mate under the conditions “within the party, understands military defense and has international perspective."

Storm Media reports, Lu reminds Tsai with her own experience that she must let supporters worry that she will not win from start to finish. It is very dangerous if supporters believe you will definitely be elected. Lu also adds that the DPP currently still has advantages, but it also because of these advantages that Tsai bears the pressure of winning. Lu says, “There’s no reason for Tsai to lose the election. She will hold historical responsibility if she loses."

Translated by Olivia Yang