According to the Central Weather Bureau, the eye of Typhoon Soudelor was above Yulin County at 10 am this morning and was heading towards the northwest.

Soudelor is still looming over the island, but if its speed and route don’t change, the typhoon eye is expected to leave Taiwan this morning and the island will completely out of the storm early tomorrow morning.

According to live statistics provided by the Central Emergency Operation Center, as of 10:50 am today, the typhoon has led to four deaths, 54 injured, one missing person, and 1.53 million residencies experienced blackout.

NowNews reports, the Central Emergency Operation Center says all High Speed Rail trains before 4 pm today are canceled as are Taiwan Railways Administration trains before 6 pm. As of 8 am this morning, all domestic flights have been canceled all domestic flights along with 176 international flights, and 188 flights have been delayed.

Apple Daily reports, there have been disasters all over Taiwan, including the snapping of power lines in Yunlin County. This has caused blackouts in 77,787 residencies and Taiwan Power Company is making repairs. Six wind turbines have also been destroyed by the strong winds in Taichung.

Translated by Olivia Yang