We are all familiar with the saying, “Coke is bad for your body," but do you know what the drink actually does to your body? Here’s a 90-second video to show you what happens to your body within an hour of drinking a can of Coke.

10 mins

10 spoonfulls of sugar suddenly poured into your body equals to the recommended daily intake of sugar. Such dosage is supposed to make you nauseus, but the orthophosphoric acid in coke cuts off this feeling.

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20 mins

When your blood sugar skyrockets and insulin spins out of control, the blood sugar that can’t be used by cells will be stored as body fat.

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40 mins

This is when the caffine starts doing its job. Your pupils will enlarge and your blood pressure will increase. The substance in your brain that causes drowsiness, cyclic amp receptor protein, combined with caffine will cause an opposite effect of wakening. This is enough to temporarily lift spirits and you will suddenly feel energized.

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45 mins

When the brain is stimulated by sugar, it will secrete dopamine, which controls emotions, and will make you feel happy and excited. This type of nerve response occurs in a specific part of the brain and leads to the feeling of content. This is how sugar addiction starts.

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60 mins

This is when the delayed effect of caffine kicks in. Your body will quickly release the water in carbonated beverages and make you constantly want to run to the restroom. The nutrients and minerals that construct your bones and teeth will be released through urine after combined with the orthophosphoric acid in sodas.

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Don’t you feel better now you know why drinking Coke lift spirits? But the joy it brings is temporary, and it has side effects of dental erosion and osteoporosis. Don’t forget to thank your body next time you open a bottle of coke. After all, it’s sacrificing itself for your happiness.

Translated by Olivia Yang