Liberty Times reports, the Minister of Education Wu Si-hua says he will officially withdraw all the charges against students after the seminar with them on August 5.

According to the Vice Minister of Education Lin Teng-jiao, the charges against journalists will also be dismissed. The ministry has charged all those who invaded and damaged the ministry, so withdrawing the list of 33 people will include the accidentally arrested reporters.

Media Workers Unite and 20 other groups point out in a petition statement that the Ministry of Education accused the three journalists without obtaining all related facts. The police deprived the journalists of communication rights on the night of July 23, which severely damaged the freedom of press. The press will not accept the ministry’s despicable apology.

The reporter of Coolloud News calls on Wu to reveal what happened on the night of July 23 for the public to examine.

Independent reporter Lin Yu-you says, the behavior of the Minister of Education and the abuse of police authorities has had a chilling effect. Many journalists gathered but hesitated to enter the ministry when students occupied the building.

Liberty Times photographer Liao Zhen-hui says, the event has violated people’s rights to know and should not be taken lightly. Instead of withdrawing the charge, authorities should apologize publicly to the three journalists, the press and the public.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang