Words from Joey Chung

Dear Readers,

Good Day. The ideal for one day having an international edition has been with the TNL team since Day 1 of our original website launch. From the beginning, we wanted to be a platform that delivered important news and interesting or valuable opinions and starting from Taiwan, we wanted to offer this platform to readers across Greater China, Asia and hopefully one day the international Chinese speaking audience.

The moment we realized that it was the time to act however was a few months back when we saw that altogether, readers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and other international markets accounted to close to half a million of our monthly readers, and that perhaps it was now time to do something for them. As we once envisioned, hopefully, if our little international edition experiment succeeds and continues to grow, then very soon, it doesn’t matter if you’re a young professional living in Taipei, a banker working in HK, a start-up guy living in Silicon Valley, a second generation immigrant living in New York or even a native English speaker living in London or Sydney that wants to understand important affairs, what’s on the minds of people connected to the global Chinese stage today, or simply learn Chinese or English, The News Lens will be a place you can continuously come to.

Thanks to all the support and suggestions that have accompanied us throughout the last 2 years of our journey to create a new media platform for the digital age. To all the new readers that are just joining us as we find the voice of today’s Taiwan, Greater China and Asia young generation, let’s begin shall we?

Very Best,

Photo Credit: The News Lens

Photo Credit: The News Lens