In a submission to China Times today, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou points out former President Lee Teng-hui’s argument that the Diaoyu Islands belongs to Japan violates historical facts, the Constitution and international law. It also seriously injures national sovereignty, the feelings of the Taiwanese and the subjectivity of Taiwan. Ma says Lee should take back his words and apologize to the people.

CNA reports that President Ma says, “As the president of R.O.C., defending the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands and piscary is my vocation." This is the reason Taiwan signed the Taipei-Tokyo Fisheries Agreement with Japan in 2013 and reached the goals of not giving in sovereign rights and making great progress in piscary.

Ma says, “Negligence or betrayal of national sovereignty will not be tolerated, no matter if the person in question is the former or future president of R.O.C."

Apple Daily reports, Wang Yan-jun, supervisor of Lee Teng-hui’s office, says " This is nothing worth responding. President Ma should read more books and not shift the focus on the textbook controversy. He should come forward and explain."

Liberty Times reports, Legislator Chen Ting-fei believes that the president should submit an article regarding how he plans to resolve the textbook controversy and respond to the students. Chen says Ma shouldn’t change the subject by responding to Lee’s Diaoyu Islands argument and calls on the president to declare his views concerning the curriculum guidelines.

Translated by Olivia Yang

Apple Daily
Liberty Times