Student protestors of the textbook controversy in Taiwan broke into the Legislative Yuan on the night of July 30 and requested the calling of an emergency meeting.

The Legislative Yuan along with Wu Si-hua, minister of the Ministry of Education, has decided to discuss next Tuesday whether or not the emergency meeting will be held.

CNA reports, Wang Jin-ping, president of the Legislative Yuan, says he also hopes the implementing of the new curriculum can be delayed, and has already advised executive departments to discuss the matter.

Lai Zhen-chang, organizer of the Taiwan Solidarity Union, relates that Wu said the ministry announced the curriculum last February and the textbooks have already been printed. If the curriculum is postponed, students will not receive textbooks. Wu also said supplementary teaching materials will be printed to resolve any differences in the textbooks.

Storm Media reports, DPP legislator Lin Shu-fen says, Wu, the KMT party and secretary general of the Executive Yuan insist on implementing the curriculum on August 1. The selecting and printing process of the textbooks have been completed, and it is unlikely the enforcement of the curriculum will be delayed.

Translated by Olivia Yang

Storm Media