Last night, almost a hundred people put up posters on the walls of the Ministry of Education in honor of Lin, the student that committed suicide over the recent textbook controversy in Taiwan on July 30.

But later at 9:50 pm, a group of people broke into the Legislative Yuan and more than ten people climbed over the walls while yelling, “Call an emergency meeting and withdraw the curriculum guidelines.”

Storm Media reports, most of the young people that went to mourn for Lin in front of the Ministry of Education went spontaneously. Over a hundred people stood chatting in a calm yet sober atmosphere. Shields and batons never left the sides of the police at the scene.

Liberty Times reports, the anti new curriculum guideline alliance states that even if Lin’s suicide is blamed on his inability to deal with the stress, his death still calls on people to save the education of Taiwan.

Storm Media reports, DPP legislator Chen Qi-mai presented a Line App message sent by Lin before his death, proving he had already came up with an idea to block the implementation of the new curriculum guidelines in early June.

Lin also said in the message that he won’t disgrace himself as long as there is still a breath left in him and that he plans to shock the media.

Liberty Times reports, the alliance is requesting authorities to withdraw the new curriculum guidelines that will be implemented on August 1, so that students can be educated with a curriculum based on Taiwanese perspectives.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang

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Storm Media
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