Common Health Magazine recently conducted a survey on people’s attitude towards medical care in Taiwan and it showed that more than eighty percent of the people back up family doctors and classifications of health care. They also agree on the necessity of regular work hours for medical care workers.

Taiwan’s health care system has witnessed several medical disputes in recent years. The Taiwan Medical Association points out patients can easily take advantage of the national health insurance due to the low fee and results in big waste of medical resources.

Apple Daily reports, the survey results show that up to 52% of interviewees would accept the hike in the national health insurance fee from NT$10 to NT$ 100 (approximately US$ 0.30 to US$ 3).

The health insurance surveillance alliance says the health insurance system is unfair. Insurance fee for the retired appears to be lower than what fresh graduates need to pay; yet they use relatively higher medical resources.

CNA reports, the president of Taipei City Hospital Huang Sheng-jian holds a positive attitude towards medical reform with the endorsement of the survey results. The public also believes the Ministry of Health and Welfare should formulate related regulations as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary medical waste.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang

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Common Health Magazine