The recent water park explosion in Taiwan has been the most serious party accident in the history of Taiwan, injuring more than 500 people and killing nine. The latest investigation report from the law enforcement agency states seven New Taipei City officials accepted over NT$ 20,000 (approximately US$ 630) worth of entrance tickets to the water park while conducting the security check.

The agency says the cause of the water park explosion might be closely related to a false security report filed before the party. The emergency side door that was supposed to left open was also closed, and delayed the time victims were sent to hospitals.

After suspicion of bribery broke out, the case is being investigated in the directions of corrupt officials, civil servants neglecting their duties and the bestowing and accepting of corrupt benefits.

Apple Daily reports that the Fire Department of the New Taipei City Government conducted a security check on June 18. The water park passed the inspection, but the most serious dust explosion in the history of Taiwan occurred ten days later and people have been suspecting misconduct.

The law enforcement agency detained a gift account book belonging to the water park, which included records of coupons and PR tickets given to New Taipei City Government officials.

Spokesperson of the New Taipei City Government, Lin Jie-you, says the mayor has requested the Department of Government Ethics to thoroughly investigate the case and cooperate with the judicial administration.

Translated by Olivia Yang

Apple Daily