On July 23, students and reporters protesting alterations made to curriculum guidelines broke into the Ministry of Education, and the arresting of the reporters has initiated controversy concerning freedom of the press.

Taipei Mayor Ke Wen-zhe has issued an apology on his Facebook Page saying, “Children, I applaud yourcourage. You have been through a lot. Please take care."

UDN reports, the mayor initially stated the police received a report from the Ministry of Education saying the students had invaded the building, so the police handled the case as catching them in the act of committing an offense. As a result, Ke didn’t receive any report from commanders at the scene.

CNA reports, the mayor also says he has requested the police to draft a standard operation procedure and clarify the relationship between the Taipei City Government and the National Police Agency when large-scale protests take place. It should state the circumstances under which the city government should be notified and not put local police officers in a difficult position.

Storm Media reports, the three reporters that were arrested were interrogated for a second time at the Taipei District Prosecutors Office on July 24. Though the prosecutor ordered a NT$ 10,000 (approximately US$ 300) bail for each person, all three of them refused to plead guilty to defend freedom of the press.

At 8 pm on July 24, the prosecutors office agreed to change the conditions to limitation on residence and release without bail.

Translated by Olivia Yang

Storm Media