During his recent visit to Japan, President Lee Teng-hui was asked by the local media, “Do the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan or Taiwan?“ Lee responded by saying as he has already mentioned several times, “The Senkaku Islands (what the Islands are called in Japan) belong to Japan, not Taiwan."

Record China reports, Lee mentions Taiwan is very grateful to have been under the Japanese rule. During the Qing Dynasty, Taiwan was deemed unwanted territory and given to Japan.

Japan helped Taiwan establish the separation of judicial and administrative systems, and adapt modern management systems. After the 3/11 earthquake in Japan, many Taiwanese donated money to express their gratitude towards Japan.

China Times reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms it is unquestionable the Diaoyu Islands are Taiwanese intrinsic territory.

A spokesperson of the president, Chen Yi-xin, says, “Denying Taiwanese sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands is a humiliation to the country. The ROC government and her people cannot accept this."

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang

China Times
Record China