At 11 pm on July 23, 33 students and civilians protesting alterations made to curriculum guidelines climbed over the walls surrounding the Ministry of Education and broke into the building.

UDN reports, Political Deputy Minister Lucia S. Lin visited the protestors outside the ministry on the morning of July 23, but didn’t mention the curriculum guidelines. Students believe merely surrounding the Ministry of Education wasn’t enough to express their demands.

The movement officially ended at 10 am and after the forum at night, over 20 students climbed over the wall to enter the ministry.

Moreover, Liberty Times reporter Liao Zhen-hui, Coolloud reporter Song Xiao-hai, and Newtalk reporter Lin Yu-you went missing for a period of time on the evening of July 23.

The police say they interrogated the three people and are going through procedures to clarify whether they demonstrated intrusive behavior.

Members of Media Workers Unite say, “According to our sources, the police not only restricted reporters, but also demanded them not to publish news or use their mobile phones. The reporters were unable to communicate with the public and this has violated the freedom of the media.”

The Ministry of Education again calls upon students to express their opinions on the curriculum guidelines in a calm and rational way. Authorities will continue to communicate with the students in the future.

Translated by Olivia Yang

Media Workers Unite