On July 22, over a hundred students surrounded the Ministry of Education in protest of the authorities’ continuous refusal to respond to the alterations made in high school curriculum guidelines. The students shouted slogans to reaffirm their three demands which include:

1.Making the curriculum guidelines more diverse and objective
2.Making the examination process more transparent
3.Retracting the current curriculum guidelines proposal

The ministry will hold four forums around Taiwan tonight in response to the public.

China Times and NOWnews report, the 7/22 demonstration was initiated by an anti new curriculum guidelines alliance in northern Taiwan, the TCFSH Apple Tree Commune and other related organizations. They called on students to gather in front of the ministry and set up a cardboard cutout of the Wu Si-hua, minister of education, demanding him to “be a man and face the public.”

Students also piled up stacks of books to symbolize the damages of brainwashing education have already gone too far.

Liberty Times reports, Lin Yu-lun, founder of the Restoration of Taiwan Social Justice says, authorities have never answered the people directly on this topic. If the government wants to wait until August to implement the new curriculum, it will only provoke more intense protests.

Minister Wu has been in France since July 16 to improve international relations and will land in Taiwan today, but he doesn’t have plans to meet with the protesters.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang

China Times
Liberty Times