Taichung City has made a significant breakthrough concerning the rights of same-sex couples.

On July 21, the Health Bureau of Taichung City Government has sent official documents to all medical institutions indicating same-sex partners are allowed to sign surgery consent forms in every Taichung City medical facility.

A press release from the Taiwan GDi Association also notes that the official document states, “Under Article 63 of the Medical Care Law, same-sex partners have the right to sign surgery consent forms for minors or those who are unable to personally sign the forms."

The association goes on to make the following notes:

No related clarification has been made in the past and many same-sex couples have not been guaranteed medical decision rights or even visitation rights.

It is a big declaration that same-sex partners will be allowed to sign surgery consent forms in the future. This has more substantial significance than being able to register one’s identity.

Note 1: The case is to be enforced and clarified by Chen Shi-kai, councilman of Taichung City.

Note 2: The same logic can be applied to Articles 65, 74, 75 and so on of the Medical Care Law. Same-sex partners have the right to obtain knowledge relating to pathology reports, apply for summaries and copies of medical records and attend to discharge procedures without refusal from medical facilities.

Note 3: This document is based on the interpretation of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. All citizens should retain the same rights.

Translated by Olivia Yang

Taiwan GDi Association