In a KMT meeting yesterday, the party chairman Zhu Li-lun addressed recent doubts raised by the media concerning whether or not the KMT should exist.

“I want to say the KMT should not only exist, but there are at least three reasons the party must continue to rule the Republic of China," Zhu says.

The KMT chairman says the party is willing to suffer for the people, lead Taiwan out of crisis and maintain cross-strait peace.

NOWnews reports, Zhu says during the last legislative session, the Legislative Yuan pushed forward social equality and justice bills under the lead of the KMT, especially since Zhu took up position of party chairman. The long-term tax reform issue has also been resolved and bills related to blue-collar workers and young adults have been passed.

Zhu points out starting from July this year, the standard monthly wage has raised to NT$ 20,008 (approximately US$ 630). Since the KMT returned to power in 2008, standard wages have been adjusted five time and gone up NT$ 2,728 (approximately US$ 86) in total.

Compared to the DPP that only raised salaries once in the eight years it was in office, Zhu says, “This shows the KMT is the party that’s actually taking care of the people."

Liberty Times reports Huang Guo-chang, Academic Sinica researcher and member of the New Power Party, offers countless reasons the KMT should fall from power.

Huang proposes three reasons :

1.The KMT has refused various reformations due to party interests. Moreover, KMT party members that hold higher positions have crossed the line of constitutional democracy and initiated political wars that caused civil unrest. This shows the KMT can’t be trusted.

2.Ma Ying-jiu’s government hasn’t built prosperity but has made people’s lives miserable in the last seven years. The regression of real wage rate, the gap between the rich and poor and soaring housing prices are overwhelming young adults.

3.The KMT’s political and economic policies that lean towards China have narrowed Taiwan’s path. For specific cross-strait personal interests, the party has abused the value of democracy, trampled on human rights and sacrificed the well being of the people and the future of Taiwan.

Translated by Olivia Yang

Liberty Times
Apple Daily