Yesterday was the first Sunday after Eid al-Fitr, the Islamic celebration of fast breaking. The main hall of Taipei Main Station started filling up with migrant workers early in the morning. Small groups of people gathered on the floor and shared local dishes among friends.

UDN reports, due to the increase of foreign workers, the traffic Eid al-Fitr brings to Taipei Main Station are equal to that of a long holiday.

China Times reports that Lin, an Indonesian migrant worker who has lived in Taiwan for seven years, attends the festivities every year. She says employers have been friendlier towards workers that want to attend such activities in recent years. In previous times, they would prevent workers from leaving their workplace to celebrate.

Lin also says the Taiwanese government and preparation of the train station have improved a lot over the years, and make the workers feel like they’re actually celebrating in Indonesia.

CNA reports, Taipei stationmaster Jian Xin-li stresses that Taiwan is already a multicultural society. Issues concerning migrant workers gathering at Taipei Main Station have raised both positive and negative voices. But the Taiwan Railways Administration will respect and accept diverse traditions while insuring the rights of travelers.

Translated by Sarah Grasdijk
Edited by Olivia Yang

China Times