The Ministry of Labor announced, in order to raise the enthusiasm of overseas Chinese students to stay in Taiwan, it will increase the quota from 2,000 to 2,500 people starting in 2016.

The ministry will also simplify the application procedure by omitting the need to verify official transcripts overseas and approving graduation documents provided by schools or the Overseas Community Affairs Council.

Liberty Times reports, beginning from July last year, a grading system has been implemented for overseas Chinese students who apply to stay and work on the island. If they wish to engage in jobs that require technical expertise, there will no longer be a hiring salary threshold nor will two years of work experience be required.

The grading system consists of eight parts, including education, work experience, hiring salary, job qualification, language skills, experience in other countries, cooperation with government policies and so on. Applicants can be hired if their scores add up to 70 points.

CNA reports, the Ministry of Labor believes overseas Chinese students who choose to stay and work in Taiwan have work-related knowledge, foreign language skills and other professional competence. They are also familiar with their own countries and the Taiwanese society, which complements Taiwanese college graduates.

Translated by Olivia Yang

Liberty Times