Participatory budgeting was listed by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je as his first policy and will be implemented on July 14 in Xinbei City. The government will review seven proposals submitted by citizens, including a guidance-training program in Daguan Village, Xindian District. This will allow residents to participate in public affairs.

Citizens can take part in debates and negotiations to make decisions concerning the allocation of public resources. This will reduce the inefficiency and corruption of the government, and enhance its transparency.

According to, more than 1,500 cities and communities around the world have enforced participatory budgeting. Since 2009, New York, Chicago and Boston have also carried out the policy.

China Times reports, citizens of the Daguan Village have focused their proposal on land conservation, such as monitoring groundwater level, retaining walls and unclogging drainage holes. The district officials will attend the July 14 committee review and push for a NT$ 200,000 (approximately US$ 6,000) budget per case.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang

China Times
Xu Ren-hui