The Center for Disease Control in Taiwan indicates there has not been a new case of MERS in South Korea since July 4. Also considering the 28-day virus incubation period, it is possible for officials to announce the end of the epidemic in early August.

Apple Daily reports, although the South Korean government has not made an official statement, most people have already stopped wearing hygienic masks in public. Theaters and theme parks have also resumed operation.

The Ministry of Education in South Korea points out that June 12 was the peak of the MERS epidemic. Up to 2,900 schools were closed, but have been fully reinstated on July 7.

ETtoday reports, according to World Health Organization standards, in order to put an end to the outbreak, no new cases can emerge for four weeks. (This is double the maximum incubation period of the MERS virus.)

Translated by Sarah Grasdijk
Edited by Olivia Yang

Apple Daily