Chinese tourists have been permitted to visit Taiwan for more than seven years. Last year alone, the number of mainland tourists reached 3.987 million people, and they left behind NT$ 3.93 million (approximately US$ 120,000) in medical debt. Up to now, the total of Chinese tourists’ medical bad debt has accumulated to nearly NT$ 1 billion (approximately US$ 31 million).

Usually the travel agency covers liability insurance for the Chinese tourists. The travelers can only claim the insurance if they get into an accident during their stay in Taiwan. If a visitor falls ill but is unwilling to pay the medical bill, the hospital has to bear all expenses.

Storm Media reports, Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Zhang Xi-zhong says the Tourism Bureau will correct the “Regulations Governing the Approval of People of the Mainland Area Visiting Taiwan for Purposes of Tourism” in reference to the European Schengen Visa.

Starting from October 1, Chinese visitors to Taiwan must possess certificate for both travel and health insurance that cover sudden illnesses, or else they will not be issued a Taiwan entry permit.

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang

Storm Media