Li Chun, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), announced yesterday that Taiwan will provide US$5 million to aid Ukraine’s reconstruction, aiming to help over 1,000 Ukrainian students return to school in Kyiv before September.

Speaking in the Lithuanian parliament, Li said the Taiwan will join the reconstruction project led by Lithuania’s Central Project Management Agency, which has contributed US$7.7 million.

MOFA said the first part of the project includes the reconstruction of a school in Borodianka and a kindergarten in Irpin on the outskirts of Kyiv. Lithuania will be responsible for the civil engineering, while Taiwan will participate in the installation of related equipment.

“The cooperation between Taiwan and Lithuania in assisting Ukraine not only demonstrates the shared values of democracy and freedom but also highlights the steadfast partnership of both countries as they stand on the frontline of democracy,” said MOFA in a statement.

Last year, Taiwan donated US$150,000 to the Ukrainian-Slovak Initiative to establish a “Ukrainian Center” in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, to help Ukrainian refugees and children displaced by the war. During a visit to the center, Li said, “Ukraine fought for us, and Taiwan should be grateful to Ukraine, rather than Ukraine being grateful to us.”

In January, Digital Minister Audrey Tang told Reuters that Taiwan is prepared to assist Ukraine in upgrading its digital infrastructure, particularly in the field of remote learning, as part of its post-war reconstruction efforts.

“Taiwan has already provided humanitarian aid [to Ukraine] in terms of generators, equipment and so, but we are also thinking about the digital layer,” she said.

Since the beginning of the war, Taiwan has provided millions of dollars in financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Civic organizations have also been actively raising funds to support the civilian population in Ukraine.

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