Cross-border e-commerce has become a new industry trend, and Chunghwa Post is committed to providing a more diverse selection of mailing options for online consumers and e-commerce sellers for shipping items weighing less than 2 kilograms. The Russia International ePacket service has launched on May 1, 2023.

The International ePacket service refers to the business of delivering mail from Taiwan to the destination country (region), or from other countries (regions) to Taiwan, using ordinary letter service delivery time. Its fees are cheaper than international registered small packets and international express (EMS), and the mailing status can be tracked through Chunghwa Post's official website. Chunghwa Post began offering International ePacket service in cooperation with Japan Post since April 1, 2017, and has subsequently partnered with 21 other postal services, covering Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania regions. The dedicated shipping label can be obtained by contacting the local post office or by visiting Chunghwa Post's website, EZPost (, to create the shipping label and print it out. We welcome individuals and e-commerce sellers to make full use of this service for their mailing needs.


Although International ePacket service can be tracked online for delivery status, please note that these packets are considered regular mail and not registered mail. They will be delivered to the address provided without requiring the recipient's signature. Additionally, written inquiries and compensation claims will not be processed. We kindly ask customers to choose the most suitable method for mailing based on their needs. Chunghwa Post will continue actively negotiating collaborations with more postal services, aiming to provide cost-effective and competitive logistics services for a greater number of cross-border e-commerce businesses.

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