It has become a daily habit for everyone to use multiple mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones at the same time. Although users charge their devices almost every day, they don't always have time to back up their files. As you can imagine, as time goes on, the data that’s scattered in various devices cannot be synchronized and backed up, and gradually becomes a problem for users. If you want to back up your files and quickly charge your devices in a simple and convenient way, the 2-in-1 iXCharger is your best choice.

Phihong, through an alliance with Vinpower, Inc., and Silanna Semiconductor, developed a 2-in-1 charging and saving solution, the iXCharger. It is a boldly designed 65W compact charger with up to 1TB of built in storage to address users' problems and needs!

First Cross-device 1TB high-capacity storage space


Photo Credit:Phihong Technology

GaN charging iXCharger with 1TB storage and automatic backups

Most storage devices on the market do not work with both mobile phones and tablets from different brands, and memory sticks are only available for desktops or laptops, which may have limitations according to different operating systems. The iXCharger has the first cross-device storage technology for different operating systems that can not only charge mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, but also works as a memory stick across all of them. It is suitable for operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, etc. In addition, the iXCharger has a large storage capacity up to 1TB, allowing users to easily back up files, photos and videos. Its lightweight and portable design allows users to carry it around and access files at anytime without worrying about losing them.

65W GaN fast charging technology


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iXCharger comes with foldable plug and provides world travel kit.

The iXCharger uses third-generation semiconductor GaN technology to provide higher power density and ensure fast heat dissipation in a smaller package, reaching a fast, safe, and efficient charging of mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

More notably, the iXCharger comes with a foldable plug and provides world travel kit modules to keep you connected all around the world. The iXCharger adopts the USB Type-C to improve transmission efficiency, which is in line with the EU regulation of using Type-C as the unified charging interface for all electronic products to achieve the goal of reducing e-waste in the near future.

The iXCharger provides users with solutions that includes both fast charging and data backup. It successfully extends the maximum benefit with the smallest size, proving that green technology can bring more convenience to our lives. Kevin Lin, the Vice President of Intelligent Power Solution BU and Manufacturing Center of Phihong Technology, said “Phihong Technology has more than 50 years of experience in the research and development of switch mode power supply. This time, by working with Vinpower, Inc., and Silanna Semiconductor, we do not only solve users' problems, but also devote ourselves to the introduction of green technology in order to implement the core philosophy of energy saving, sustainability, and environmental protection.”


Photo Credit:Phihong Technology

Kevin Lin, the Vice President of Intelligent Power Solution BU and Manufacturing Center of Phihong Technology.

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