GARAOTUS is a world-leading provider of HPC (High-Performance Computing) technology services. In 2021, it had been awarded the IIA International Innovation Award by the Asian Enterprise Organization, and it's also the first company to be recognized for its HPC innovation technology. In addition, Genomics Analytics Process as a Service (GAPaaS), developed by GARAOTUS, has been adopted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and a world-class genomic medicine laboratory in India for NGS analysis.

With the addition of Mark Chang as Chief Strategy Officer, GARAOTUS has developed the product architecture and portfolio based on the worldwide market trend. First, GARAOTUS partners with hardware providers to offer CRONUS Hyper Computing Series, and with the infrastructure model of HPC. On top of the infrastructure, GARAOTUS develops middleware, CRONUS Service Fabric, to manage and optimize the performance of the HPC. Furthermore, CRONUS Orchestration, which is a generic software platform to assist users to handle computing and analysis workflows, as well as offers Domain-Specific Solutions (Workflow Library) for users in different application domains. Currently, GARAOTUS aims to develop specific solutions in several major application domains: Biomed, Environment (including geosciences and weather), Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Finance, Energy, and Retail.

As Mark Chang, Chief Strategy Officer of GARAOTUS, explains, "GARAOTUS will evolve into a platform provider that offers superior HPC technology construction and design, the service layer will collaborate with partners to co-develop the workflow solutions, which can be opened for free or pay-for-use in the future to boost the partners in the ecosystem to utilize the computing power.”

Upon graduating from Oxford University, Dr. Chang conducted research on biomedical information with the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Information Policy Association. Afterward, he served as an expert consultant in international investment institutions, as well as a key member of the top 100 high-tech manufacturing industries in Taiwan. Dr. Chang has accumulated rich experience in production, government, education, and research. Taiwan's semiconductor, electronics, and biomedical science and technology fields have demonstrated impressive achievements globally. Taiwan has accumulated a wealth of data in various industries, how to utilize that data and turn it into valuable insights for the industry is the main challenge at this stage.

From IT to DT, how to help end-users easily utilize "computer power" and benefit from it is GARAOTUS's priority mission. In the past, HPC technology focused on the design of the infrastructure, considering how to achieve the best performance and the best parallelization during construction, but in the meantime, these technologies are becoming more and more mature. With regards to the current technological development process, the HPC field has enabled applications to run on execution in various environments and has enabled various industries to operate container technology (Container) efficiently in different workflows and proceed to container orchestration (Container Orchestration).

GARAOTUS has over a decade of experience in HPC and is not only skilled in technology but also aware of the needs of end-users. The company can truly connect computing power with end-user needs, and demonstrate the power of HPC.

During this era of digital technology, "computing power" will become the most important "Energy" for the industry. In the future, GARAOTUS will work together to go international by forming alliances with strategic partners in these seven industrial fields. While the industry facing the transformation, GARAOTUS expects that it will be able to utilize the computing power to 100% in the most efficient way, which will not only drive the development of enterprises but also be an important development direction for Taiwan to become internationally competitive.

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