Phihong Technology launched a new 280W GaN (Gallium nitride) power for high-power gaming laptops at the end of 2021. The 280W GaN gaming power supply highlights a performance level that leads the industry in an ultra-compact case size of 160mm x 69mm x 25mm (276 cc) and a 700g lightweight design. At 16W/in3 power density, the charger is 50% smaller and 30% lighter than legacy 280W gaming chargers.

Phihong’s 280W GaN gaming power supply combines a high-efficiency topology structure, the latest GaN Systems’ power semiconductors, zero voltage and zero current soft-switching technology, and digital control.

Finally, the 280W GaN power achieves the small size and high power demanded by laptop users through 3D configuration and wiring techniques, power module design, and unique GaN production process control. It’s also introducing breakthrough innovation to the power supply industry and gaming market.


Photo Credit:Phihong Technology

Safe and Reliable Design of 280W GaN Charger

Phihong Technology said that the GaN power supply in the market focused on miniaturization. Many suppliers often ignore that the power supply design should pay more attention to safety, reliability, and meeting the user’s actual situation. This miniaturized power supply has obtained various international safety certifications, including IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 & 62368-1, CCC (5000m), and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) certifications, including EN55032 Class B EMI and EN55024 EMS.

In addition, the power supply is designed to meet the needs of advanced gaming laptops, such as instantaneous peak power for advanced processors and displays, intensive continuous gaming duration, chic and slim exterior, lightweight, portable, etc. The power supply also provides the following top-level specifications and features:

  • >95% full load conversion efficiency with
  • 560W (200% of power rating) instantaneous peak power output
  • Long lifetime guarantee - 3 years/26,280 hours at full load and high temperature
  • Five digital safety protection mechanisms
  • EMI certified without the need for any EMI core assistance on the 2m output line

The ultimate design for your gaming laptops

With the gaming industry booming in recent years, manufacturers have been doing their best to introduce the latest hardware and software technologies and materials to enhance performance. Product designs continue to evolve to meet the desires of discerning gaming players in their pursuit of the ultimate experience. Still, there is not much innovation in the supporting role - “the power adapter”, leaving gamers to accept heavy and oversized power supplies provided in the box.

Phihong Technology has launched our new 280W GaN high power adapter designed for gaming laptops, which combines the best circuit design and manufacturing process to break through previous design bottlenecks and limits, and can fully bring the user unprecedented miniaturization, light weight, and still provide the full standard user experience.

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