According to the latest survey result, over 40% of netizens cared about eSports, and the composition was male in the majority. It was also found out that 80% of eSports players watched and followed games. In addition, people hear about games through websites, television shows, and friends, and the most popular eSports forums are and PTT.


In the past three months, approximately 40% of netizens have attended eSports games. 67% of them watched video records of games, 57% of them watched live streams. The games they watched were League of Legends in a majority that includes Asia Esports Championship 2021 and First Bank LSC The 5th League of Legends School Championship.


In addition, 24% of participants played eSports personally. In the majority, male participants played eSports, and half of them spent 1 to 3 hours every day playing games. People spent 2.6 hours playing games on average during weekdays and 3.5 hours on average on weekends.


Over 80% of the eSports players also purchased eSport merchandise. They were willing to pay NT$1,900 to NT$2,900 for keyboards, earphones, and mouses that ranked in the top 3 popular merchandise, and the monitors were ranked No.4 with a budget of NT$ 4,271 on average.


With the growth of the eSports industry over the last decade, the critics of eSports have diminished. The latest research pointed out that over 60% of participants agreed on eSports to be promoted as a sport. Not only the game players were supporters with over 80%, but also eSports were supported by people who don’t play games to be a sport with 61% and to be promoted vigorously with 62%.


The eSports industry grows year by year, and it becomes a popular issue again because of Covid-19. The operation of eSports games, the purchase of merchandise, and the new business opportunities are important information and trends that should be followed by relative industries.

TNL Editor: Mercy Shao