In the latest Godzilla film, the fictional dinosaur takes on King Kong on an aircraft carrier. Would the warship be able to carry the two gigantic monsters in real life?

Many believe the supercarrier is a Nimitz-class, and all ten carriers of this class displace more than 100,000 tons of water.

But this includes the weight of the ship itself (80,777 tons). It is subtracted to calculate the deadweight tonnage, a measurement of how much the ship can carry.

USS Theodore Roosevelt carries 23,804 tons, the most weight a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier can carry. How can we find out if it can carry both Godzilla and King Kong?

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), Godzilla is around 120-meters tall and weighs 99,634 tons. We assume this is about the size of the dinosaur in the sequel Godzilla vs. Kong (2021).


Both King Kong’s height and weight are unknown, but it is still possible to come to the conclusion that a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier cannot carry the two monsters. It cannot even carry Godzilla.

However, there does exist a ship that can hold both Godzilla and King Kong. It is the Ever Given, Evergreen’s container ship that blocked the Suez Canal for six days.

Data shows that the massive container ship can carry 199,692 tons, more than double Godzilla’s weight. A fight between Godzilla and King Kong can easily take place on the ship, if the latter does not weigh too much more than the former.


Interestingly, if Godzilla and King Kong want, they can lie on the ship together lengthwise after a fierce battle. The Ever Given, one of the longest ships in service, is 400-meters long, while the two monsters are only 220-meters tall combined.

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TNL Editor: Bryan Chou, Nicholas Haggerty (@thenewslensintl)

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